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The students of Year 2/3 have made a video of their work they have completed in Term 1 - enjoy!


The students of Year 1/2 are enjoying their reading. Their teachers have suggested the following to help with their home readers:

·         Talk about the title of the book.
·         Browse through the book and look at pictures. Predict what the book might be about.
·         Ask questions such as “What is happening?” and “Has anything like that ever happened to you?”
·         Sit so you and your child can both see the book.
·         If your child is struggling with reading, read the book to your child first, pointing to the words as you go. Then read the book together. Your child may start to read some of the words on their own, in which case sit back and allow them to read.
·         If your child is reading, encourage your child to point to the words as they go.
·         If the reading is correct, PRAISE…  PRAISE ….and more PRAISE.
·         If there is a problem …WAIT about 5 seconds.
o    Encourage them to try reading the words again.
o    Give a clue.
o    Model the correction by re-reading the sentence, sounding the initial letter of the unknown word.
o    If your child can not work out the unknown word tell them the word, then reread the sentence together.
·         After reading, ask questions about the book – for example “Can you remember where the boy was playing?”
·         Talk about the text: how many words are on this page, can you see the word beginning with ‘s’?
·         Have fun and enjoy the time spent with your child.


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