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Our staff

Teaching staff

 Mrs Lynette Wood - Principal

 Mrs Michelle Tukuafu - Prep 

 Mrs Leslie Slovick - Year 1 

 Mrs Veronica Evans - Year 2

 Mr Tim Young - Year 3

 Mrs Jessica Aldis - Year 4-5

 Ms Jillian Gardiner - Year 5-6

 Miss Melissa Niven - Health and Physical Education

 Mrs Loan Dang - English as an Alternative Language/Dialect

 Ms Anna Gianduzzo - Music  

 Mr Glen Veale - Support Teacher: Literacy and Numeracy

 Mrs Ruth Krause - German

 Mr Ken Lincoln - Instrumental Music

 Mrs Fiona Eaton - Guidance Officer  

 Mrs Dorina Quine - Speech Language Pathologist

 Mr Wal Greentree - Teacher Aide

 Mrs Alison Jeffery - Teacher Aide

 Mrs Lessa Marsters - Teacher Aide

 Mrs Prue McAuslan - Teacher Aide 

 Mrs Pauline Mitchell - Teacher Aide

 Mrs Lorraine Timperley - Teacher Aide

 Mrs Jennie Wallace - Teacher Aide


  Support Staff

 Mrs Melissa Ashford - Administration

 Mrs Brenda Walsh - Administration

 Mr Walter Greentree - Chaplain

 Mrs Janet Browne - Cleaner

 Mrs Julie Robinson - Cleaner

 Mr Bert Jeffrey - School Officer: Grounds