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Zillmere State School is culturally diverse and located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.  Students who attend our school live in Zillmere or our neighbouring suburbs of Geebung, Aspley, Taigum and Boondall. Zillmere State School is often referred to as a ‘country school located in the city’.  The school has a wonderful community spirit and actively engages local community groups and organisations.

At present there are approximately 150 students enrolled from Prep to Year Six. We value our cultural diversity with students from over twenty nationalities attending.  

Zillmere State School celebrates the special characteristics each of our students brings to our school.  We pride ourselves on being a school that knows each child individually and each child is valued for their contribution to building our school community.

Our school motto “Aim High”, embodies the core value we strive for all our students to achieve. School awards reflect the importance for students to endeavour to continually raise their own expectations of what they are capable of achieving. Our school staff continues the focus of “AIM HIGH” within their own teaching practices and we are proud that several of our staff have been recognised in the National Excellence in Teaching Awards.

At Zillmere State School Literacy  Numeracy, Science, and History are the foundations of our school curriculum. A strong focus on these essential areas will equip our students with a strong base from which they are able to explore other key learning areas. Literacy is taught and practiced every day with students encouraged to strive for excellence in their acquisition of new skills.

Numeracy lessons are constructed around the needs of the students. Hands on activities are used to help students develop strong understanding of mathematical concepts before moving into more abstract forms. Resources are numerous and we continually search for variety in the materials our students are able to use to demonstrate understanding and knowledge of Maths. Our students in Years 5 and 6  participate in district Mathematics competitions to refine their skills in the application of their Mathematical knowledge in varying situations.

Our school is focussed on the embedding of Indigenous perspectives into all curriculum areas.  Partnerships with various community groups strengthen our students' understanding and knowledge of Indigenous Culture. 

Our school is proud of our tradition of contributing to the artistic culture of the Zillmere area. In the past students have worked with staff and community groups to produce a CD of the Paul Kelly song,” From Little Things Big Things Grow”.  This CD remains in demand from schools and individuals across Australia and is used at universities to demonstrate how schools and students can work together to reconcile and celebrate our differences.

Zillmere State School is situated in close proximity to a transportation corridor on the north side of Brisbane. We are efficiently serviced by public transport with buses arriving and departing from our school and a train station a quick 5 minute walk away. Plentiful parking and a drop off zone is also available for parents to use.

At Zillmere we stress the importance of:

  • Active learning, where all students can show how they excel
  • The value of diversity
  • High expectations
  • Smart decision making
  • Catering for individual needs
  • A positive link between home and school

The school is proud of its dedicated and committed staff.

Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020